The Civil Guard arrests five people and investigates another for the attack on the Guardamar Local Police

The Civil Guard, with the collaboration of the Guardamar Local Police , has arrested five people and investigated another, for the attack on several police officers while they were carrying out traffic regulation tasks . The detainees have been placed at the disposal of the Torrevieja Investigative Court.

Given the magnitude of the events, the Main Post of the Guardamar Civil Guard began a series of investigations together with the Local Police of Guardamar, to identify all possible perpetrators linked to the attacks.

The next day, after studying the evidence obtained, two other members of the family were arrested, a man and a woman aged 36 and 42, and a 17-year-old male was also investigated. These last two detainees, due to their degree of participation in the events, were released after taking their statements. All the detainees and the person investigated are accused of an attack against an agent of the authority. The first three detainees, along with the proceedings carried out, were made available to the Investigative Court No. 1 of Torrevieja, which has decreed their release with the imposition of precautionary measures. In addition, the Alicante Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office has been informed of the events, as a minor supposedly participated in the events.

The events began on August 27 on the Guardamar promenade, when local police officers from that municipality went to a badly parked vehicle, specifically in a loading and unloading area. At that moment, a man who claimed to be the owner of the vehicle began to rebuke the agents, and five more relatives joined him, all of them residents of Madrid. At a certain point, said group began to physically attack the agents, and even took the incapacitating stun gun from one of the agents, firing a missed shot. The weapon was later recovered by the agent herself.

Immediately, various patrols from the Torrevieja Civil Guard Company and the Guardamar Local Police went to the scene, proceeding to arrest the three main aggressors. Being these three Spanish, aged between 20 and 38 years of age and with various backgrounds.

Once the arrests were made, the attacked agents were transferred to the Torrevieja University Hospital, to treat them for the injuries suffered.

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