The importance of scrapping your vehicle legally

Having worked in the scrap business on the Costa Blanca for over a decade, the team at Bradley Breakers could tell us all a horror story or two about people who thought they had scrapped their old car only to find that the car was still registered, and even in some instanes driving around accumulating fines, many months later.
There are car owners on the Costa Blanca who have faced large fines after the vehicle they thought they’d dealt with was still driving around. Unfortunately, as long as your name remains on the document of ownership you are legally responsible for that vehicle.
Here in Spain the system of scrapping a vehicle is much different from anything you are likely to be used to Ireland or the UK. If you also have the added complication of a language barrier it is even more imperative that, when considering disposing of a vehicle, you use a company in which you have complete trust.
One such company is Bradley Breakers. They are experts in the field and they can make the whole process simple and uncomplicated. Simply make the call, they will make you a cash offer for your vehicle and if accepted they will collect the vehicle on a tow truck from your home ensuring the minimum of disruption and fuss for you.
They will then leave you with the necessary legal documentation, indicating that they have taken ownership of your old vehicle and then, once the vehicle has been officially ‘scrapped’, you will be issued with the official DGT Certificate (Baja).
Do be aware that, if this is something that you are currently considering, you need to ensure that your vehicle is scrapped by 31 December to avoid any further SUMA bills.
Bradley Breakers said, “We can’t overemphasise the importance of doing the ‘baja’ of a vehicle properly in Spain. It saves so much hassle and heartache further along the line doing it in the correct way with a trustworthy company.”
Bradley Breakers, which employs over 40 people, now have an impressive new scrapyard consisting of a 20,000 square metre site on which they house a 3,000 sqm warehouse in which they store thousands of used parts which they have removed from cars. All parts are recorded on a computer stock system and stacked on racking within the warehouse. You can even buy parts online. So, if you are looking for a component for your car, before you buy new, you could save time and money by going directly to Bradley Breakers.
Contact Bradley Breakers Central in English on (0034) 607 848 332 or drop an e-mail to Facebook Bradley Karl Thompson. The new location is Poligono 18, C/Novelda 2B, Crevillente 03330.
Check out their 5 star rating on Facebook: desguacesalicante/reviews

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