Torrevieja to round up stray chickens

Over the next few days, a contract for the collection of domestic birds from urban areas of Torrevieja will begin. The aim is to control the free roaming domestic bird population at several parks and areas of the town, in order to lessen the impact of the birds due to their growing populations.
The Department of Animal Protection, directed by Councillor Concha Sala, awarded the contract, worth €8470, after receiving three quotes for the work.
The contract includes the collection of 500 domestic poultry with subsequent monitoring of each area for recaptures. It is expected that the round up will take place at ten specific points around Torrevieja, beginning at the park beside the skate park and at the Park of the Nations, as well as in adjacent areas. The town hall said that “due to the accumulation of these birds, It has already been proven that coexistence with neighbours and users of these spaces is not compatible.”
The birds have become a nuisance to residents and a danger on public roads in recent years.
The town hall said, “There have been many neighbourhood complaints in this regard, as well as notices to the Local Police regarding the danger of road traffic.”
At the express request of the town hall, the company that won the contract for the round up will guarantee a zero sacrifice policy and will proceed to deliver the birds to farms, schools and animal sanctuaries. It is expected that the works will last for a year or at least until December.

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