UK tops expat list in Orihuela

The municipal register shows that, as of 31st December, there are 84,568 inhabitants on the padron, an increase of 2,400 inhabitants over the year.
Of the total population, 50.5 percent are women and 49.5 percent are men. Regarding the nationalities of those registered 62.88 percent are of Spanish nationality, which represents 64.31 percent in the 2022 register. In terms of international residents, there are 10,498 expats from the United Kingdom (379 less than in 2021) but still the largest group of international residents. There are 1,399 of Belgian origin (172 more than in 2021), 1,839 of Russian nationality (353 more than in 2021) and 2,817 Moroccans (259 more than the previous year).
“In total, in Orihuela there is a registered population of 117 different nationalities. We even have citizens from places as remote as Singapore (1), Australia (8), Nepal (7) and Malaysia (1)”, explained the Councillor for Immigration, Ángel Luis Muñoz.
The Councillor highlighted the increase in the population of Ukrainian nationals: “In 2022, we have 1,498 Ukrainians on the census, of which 57.88 percent are women. In 2021, there were 799 registered.”

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