Water Divination

Water Scrying is an ancient form of divination which is a practise known as ‘hydromancy’, ‘Crystal gazing’ and ‘Oculomancy’. It’s also referred to as the ancient art of revelation as those performing this scrying ritual will, via their second sight, see future images forming in the water.
Water scrying is a form of divination I love to use when performing angel spells, particularly during the full moon as it’s connected to the lunar tides of the sea, and natural cycles of the moon. The full moon is a symbol of intuition, wisdom and divine magic and therefore a perfect conduit in performing water scrying.
Water, is one of the simplest forms of divination which has been practised throughout history. The earliest mention of scrying was during the 10th century in the ‘Shahnameh’ which is an Ancient Persian text. Nostradamus wrote about staring into a bowl of water by candlelight in order to gain inspiration in his notes from the 1500’s. The Ancient Romans performed water scrying in their religious rituals, and the Celtic’s were known as ‘Seers’ as they gazed into the reflective surface of the water in order to see the future. Because the art of scrying relies on one’s second sight, it helps us to connect with the realm of our soul as it goes beyond the 5 senses of Touch (somatosensation), Sight (vision) Taste (gustation), Smell (Olfaction), Hearing (Audition).
When I perform water scrying I invoke Archangel Gabriel who is the ‘Angel of Water’. I practise the art of ‘Angel Magic’ and as such call on the angels of the elements earth, fire, air and water in all of my spiritual practises.
Water is particularly useful during angel spells as it is constantly flowing in spiritual terms and is used for healing, cleansing and purification as well as being associated with unconditional love.
The tools of water magic are washing up bowls, seas, rivers, fogs, mists, and magical mirrors. Water divination is only one way of scrying with water. Other uses are floating, water divining and dowsing.
When I was working on the show Rescue Mediums, we were guided by our spirit helpers to perform water gazing in a house that had unexplained activity and this we were told would give us clues as to how we could help the homeowners. So the first thing we did was find a large bowl into which we poured some water. I spoke to Archangel Gabriel and my Spirit Guides to assist us. We then dimmed the lights and held a candle carefully over the water. As I concentrated and trusted in my spirit helpers the water started to cloud and I could see hazy images at first which eventually became stronger. The information we gleaned from our water gazing helped immensely with our psychic investigation. Each time I perform this ritual I invoke the Angels of Water to be by my side giving me strength and encouragement.

How to perform Water Divination
1. Set your scene and atmosphere. Know where you going to perform your water scrying. Ideally the most magical and sacred space is in the open air under the natural light of the full moon. If this isn’t possible for whatever reason, choose a quiet ambient place within the home which you have cleansed beforehand with sage.
2. Ensure the room is dimly lit and infused with magic with the aroma of incense or essential oils burning in the background. The mix of light, shadow and fragrance assists in creating the right atmosphere for visions to arise. The type of oils or incense you use also adds to the enchantment. I particularly love Frankincense, Myrrh Rose Geranium and Jasmine but you could also burn Sandalwood, Pine, Magnolia or Sage. I prefer not to play music when scrying as it can inhibit the information I am receiving.
3. Have 2 white candles ready to light which should be placed behind you once you commence your ritual so you don’t get too many confusing reflections on the water.
4. Choose the bowl in which you will pour the water which will be blessed by you prior to your water gazing exercise. A dark blue or black vessel is best so you can see the images forming with more clarity against a darker background.
5. Set your intent – ask your Spirit Guides to help adopt a calm and peaceful state of mind which is imperative whenever practising the art of scrying.
6. Concentrate on your breath work – slowing your breathing down, and allowing the tensions of the day to lift from your mind and body. Allow yourself to drift in a similar way to day dreaming.
7. Get yourself into a comfortable position, clear your mind, and gaze upon the water. Some people gaze at the bottom of the bowl but personally I prefer to gaze at the surface of the water. You will know with practise which you prefer. Take your eyes slightly out of focus – concentrate and trust…. Initially you may not see too much but eventually you may be aware of colours, patterns or symbols forming. With practise and belief, you will receive subtle impressions, clearer images or even scenes unfolding within the ripples, ebb and flow of the water especially if you are scrying outside in the light of the moon.
8. Write down everything you see as you may not be able to decipher everything at first. As with all psychic work some research may be required especially if you are being given symbols. It is up to you as the scryer to work out what that particular symbol represents whether for yourself or another.
9. Practise practise practise and enjoy!