Woman dies in Villamartin house explosion

Tragedy struck the Orihuela Costa on Friday morning (12th June) as a woman lost her life following an explosion and fire at her home in Calle Amadeo Vives, Villamartin. Investigations are still being carried out as to the reason for the initial explosion.
The woman, believed to be 69 years-old and of German nationality, was in the house when the explosion happened. This was heard by a pool maintenance man at around 8.40am who also heard the woman shouting for help and he raised the alarm.
The lady lived alone at the property and is believed to have been suffering from Diogenes Syndrome, which causes sufferers to hoard belongings and neglect themselves and their homes. It is thought that the considerable amount of items crammed into the house is the reason the fire took hold and spread so quickly throughout the rooms.
The sound of sirens filled the air across Orihuela Costa as three fire crews from Torrevieja raced to the scene. These were supported by 2 all-terrain vehicles, 2 ambulances, the Guardia Civil from Pilar and Local Police from the coast.
The lady was trapped inside the burning house when the emergency services arrived and crew members had to enter the property though the balcony as the front door was blocked by collected items.
Two Local Police officers were the first to arrive at the home and tried to reach the woman, who was trapped. The woman had suffered serious injuries and was treated by a SAMU medical team but tragically died at the scene despite the efforts of the emergency services experts to revive her. One of the woman’s pet dogs also died in the blaze.
The ambulance service also treated a police officer at the scene who sustained a finger injury and a fire-fighter was taken to hospital after fainting and feeling unwell because of the heat of the blaze.