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APAH at Zenia Boulevard

APAH awareness event at popular shopping centre
Animal rescue charity APAH was recently invited by the management team at Alcampo in Zenia Boulevard to hold a three day pet awareness event at the supermarket.
Every week, volunteers from APAH visit the store to buy food and cat litter for the cats and dogs in their care, which led Marie Carmen the department manager for the Pet Supplies Section to invite them to host the event. Tables promoting the work that APAH does were placed at the store entrances giving information on the work APAH does in rescuing, rehabilitating and re-homing abandoned, neglected and abused dogs and cats in the South Costa Blanca.
It was a great opportunity for the charity to raise awareness and funds and the weekend was a huge success. As well as informing people about the work APAH does, they charity asked for volunteers, had empty trolleys for people to donate pet food and supplies and there were also photos of APAH’’s cattery, kennels and charity shops – as well as pictures of some of the dogs and cats which are currently being cared for, in the hope that some of them would be offered homes. Gary at Kameeleon, did a great rush job at short notice, printing T shirts with the APAH logo on, so that all the volunteers would be instantly recognisable.
Volunteers were overwhelmed by the amount of food donated by Alcampo’s generous shoppers both those from the expat community and Spanish. Lots of Spanish shoppers went out of their way to buy food for the charity’s dogs and cats and praised the work local charities do in the community.
Over the three-day event, trolley after trolley of food was donated and at the end the charity calculated how much money had been spent on APAH’s behalf – amount spent on food was 585.70 euros, and the amount of money donated was 290.15, making a total of 875.85, all of which will be used for the animals in the charity’s care and is a huge saving.
APAH would like to thank the staff and management of Alcampo, the shoppers and its own volunteers for making the weekend such a huge success.
Mireille Toddington

III Charity Race

Torrevieja primary school, Las Culturas, held its third annual charity race last week with children, teachers, parents and friends participating in the race for a good cause.  As always, the race was held to coincide with international Day of Peace and once again, was used to raise money for a local cause. This year, the cause was CDA Torrevieja – the adaptive sports club which helps people with disabilities participate in sporting activities by providing specialised equipment and training.  With the sponsorship of children and their parents, and further collection on the day, over €1000 was raised.
Each class ran in turn, starting with the three year olds, right up to year 6 (12 year olds) with the speed and competitive spirit seeming to rise with each year group.  The crowds of school children, families and friends lining Calle Las Tortolas screamed encouragement and offered ‘high fives’ for the duration of all races ensuring that no participant was short of encouragement.  The beginning and end of each race was accompanied by the hypnotic beat of drums by the school band, under the direction of popular music teacher Vicent.
After running, each of the children was offered a piece of fruit and bottle of water organised by Grupo Scout Las Culturas, and on hand to help with the organisation of the race were Torrevieja Triathlon Club and Puerto Athletics Club.  Offering first aid support was a team from Hospital Torrevieja.

World Cancer Day raises much-needed funds

Maria and the Pink Ladies hosted a local World Cancer day event at Zenia Boulevard on Saturday to mark the occasion. World Cancer Day takes place annually on 4th February and unites the world’s population in the fight against cancer. It aims to save millions of preventable deaths each year by raising awareness and education about the disease, pressing governments and individuals across the world to take action.
The local event attracted hundreds of well wishers and the warm sunny day encouraged people to join in the fun and help raise funds for Spanish anti-cancer charity the AECC. This was Maria and the Pink Ladies fifth World Cancer day event and it relied on members of the public making donations in return for an Iris plant or AECC merchandise such as keys rings, pens or unity bands. The iris plants that Zenia Boulevard provided proved very popular and helped to raise 1,784.16 euros and thanks goes to the shopping centre management team for the generous donation of the plants and for letting the Pink Ladies, yet again, take over the shopping centre for the afternoon.
Thanks also go to Tony Horrocks from Sunshine FM, who supervised the outside broadcast for the day and to Stevie Spit for comparing the e vent. The crowds were entertained on the day by local performers who gave their time and talents for free and these included: Rob Sweeney, David Williams and his Rod Stewart tribute, Suzy.G and Jaz, The 2 Ton Spice Girls tribute, Janelle Gaskell, Nikki.G, Kylie Burgazzi and saxophonist Stuart Sinclair, Just Ollie, Kevin Tyler and Luis Blacknight as Flashback and Totally Dance with their fantastic troop of 2-16 year old girls and boys.
Of course, as well as fundraising and having fun, there was a serious side to the event and lots of appointments were taken for subsidised cancer checks which form part of the AECC’s Early Detection Programme – and is always the most important part of these events. The Pink Ladies volunteers also answered people’s questions and queries and worked tirelessly all afternoon giving more of their time to the charity.
The next event hosted by Maria and the Pink Ladies in aid of the AECC will be held at the The Emerald Isle, La Florida, on Thursday 2nd of March. The event will run from 12noon to -5pm and as always will be a great fun day out.
Mireille Toddington

Barefoot charity walk

Barefoot and raising money
Mother and daughter on barefoot walk

A 34 year-old woman and her two-year-old daughter arrived in Torrevieja on 3rd January on their journey from Barcelona to Gibraltar. Not only are they completing this journey on foot by they are doing it barefoot. Their very long walk began in Barcelona 53 days ago and together they will ultimately cover more than a thousand kilometres. The purpose of this gruelling trek is to raise money to buy shoes for children in Nairobi.
Ilse Longuet and her daughter Helinah have been enjoying the past few days of mild weather. During the very bad rains towards the end of December, they  took refuge in a campsite in Valencia. Now Ilse is relieved that the Spanish climate is proving to be more helpful to her mission. Whilst walking, Ilse has been learning and practising her Spanish and was able to talk openly to reporters about her life and her ambition.
Ilse is a guide in an interactive science museum in Ostend, Belgium. The intention is to purchase shoes for disadvantaged children who live in Kibera which is a suburb of Nairobi. Since November 11th she has been walking around 10 to 20km a day. Where possible she has walked along the beach or she uses secondary roads.
When asked if her feet were hurting she explained that her feet were fine but her back was suffering a little from carrying her daughter in an African-style baby carrier. During her quest Ilse has been greeted warmly by Spaniards and has been welcomed into their homes. Next she has been guaranteed accommodation in Cartagena and she is well on her way to having raised the €4,000 she is aiming to have collected by the time she arrives in Gibraltar.
There have been some moments, however, when Ilse has not felt quite so welcome. In a town north of Castellón she was detained by the local policeafter someone alerted them to the woman who was walking barefoot with someone else’s child on her back.
Once she arrives in Gibraltar she will travel with her partner to Kenya and buy the shoes, water filters and food for the children who need it so desperately and who live in such poor homes. The people of Torrevieja wish her good luck.
Suzanne O’Connell

New Year Swim

New Year's Day Swim
Fundraisers brave cold water for good cause

The annual New Year’s Day swim in aid of the AECC and organised by The Blarney Stone too place at Playa Flamenca Beach on Sunday. This was the third year the event has been held and attracted 14 brave…or foolhardy…swimmers.
Whilst most of us were nursing a delicate head, these people were braving the distinctly nippy med in order to raise money for charity. So far the group has raised just over 1900 euros and there is still more sponsorship money and fundraising planned. In total the organisers hope to raise more than 2,500 euros, which would beat last year’s event total of 2,000 euros.
The money will be handed over to AECC fundraising group Maria and the Pink Ladies at a Presentation Evening at the Blarney Stone on 26th January where another raffle will be held to boost the total amount.
Anti-cancer charity the AECC provides a subsidised Early Detection Programme for men and women, checking for prostate, breast, cervical and skin cancers.

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